Alen Barsin’s testimonials

Alen Barsin

Assyria, that’s what! Beautiful, charming, humbling, breathtaking, fantastic, mysterious, inviting, historic, magnificent, rich & so full of wonders, both ancient & modern.

And the Assyrians there? Same as above & still going on strong against all odds! Our children there? They give me new hope! Our elders there? They refuse to give up hope or their land! The warmth & love, hospitality & strength of our people there is empowering & rejuvenating.

They eat better than us, even in their humble homes. They are more trustworthy than us because still have that ancient purity. They are stronger than us because they’ve seen it all, lived through it all & are still fighting on diligently & with honor.

This trip has done wonders to my spirit. We WILL have our day, we WILL free our Assyria, one piece of land at a time, but it’s gonna take more of us youth fighting for her in every way we can! Go there sons & daughters of Assyria! See, hear, taste, feel, smell & embrace her as I have, as my fellow Assyrians have with me & look at the paradise we’ve ignored for decades & decades!

Unity & devotion & action are the keys to liberating Assyria. I’ve kissed & touched the Lamassu in his natural element, I’ve kissed the Upra/land where our ancient Heroes once tread. I’ve hugged her mountains, drank from her waterfalls, ate her fruits & breathed her air, full of ancient spirits.

This really is the Garden of Eden, as it says both in the Bible, & in the far older clay tablets of Assyria. The 1st place I’ve ever gone to for this long, & never felt homesick, because as Luya Sliwu said: “Let Moukhneeya min betoukh sab Awa ileh betoukh” (“You haven’t missed home because this IS your home”).

The most touching & personal/emotional moment I had was when we visited one of the 1st schools there. As we were leaving, I asked one of those 5 year old kids, “what’s your name”? He said “Nishra”, & 2 other kids next to him smiling said “Makh Nishra D’ Atour”! I wanted to burst into tears right then & there, but I held it together & said, “That’s right, you Are Nishra D’ Atur!” (You Are the Eagle of Assyria!) After that, every kid there flocked to me, waiting for me to ask them what their names were!

My friend then took a picture of me & these beautiful & high spirited children of Assyria. If not for me & you, then for these kids, we need to liberate & secure an Assyrian Regional Government, because they deserve it!

I’ll be back for you Assyria, because I left my heart there!

Alen Barsin, 2012