Meet Our Team

Atouraya Bet Younadam

Executive Secretary

Atouraya Bet Younadam is the Executive Secretary at GISHRU where he is responsible for the Board of Director meeting minutes and managing Gishru’s internal/external communication. Mr. Bet Younadam is also a Director for the Assyrian American Cultural Organization of Arizona and currently serves as the Assyrian American National Federation Constitution/By-laws Chairperson. Mr. Bet Younadam also co-founded the Assyrian American National Coalition and {...}

Joseph V. Danavi

Director of Internal Affairs

Joseph Danavi is the Director of Internal Affairs at GISHRU where he is responsible for steering the operations of the organization. He has been active in the Assyrian community since his undergraduate years when he co-founded and presided over the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Movement based in Chicago. During his term, he frequently collaborated with other organizations to bring forth sizeable events such as the {...}

Renya Benjamen

Director of Special Projects

Renya Benjamen is the Special Projects Director at GISHRU where she assesses and secures funding for various economical and development opportunities in northern Iraq. She is also a co-founding member of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union of Canada (ACSSU) as well as the ACSSU @ McMaster University branch. Roles included ACSSU @ McMaster University president and ACSSU of Canada educational coordinator. She currently serves on the {...}

Martin Youmaran

Director of Finance

Suzan Younan

Regional Director for USA

Savina Dawood

Regional Director for Iraq & Middle East