Meet Our Team

Atouraya Bet Younadam

Executive Secretary

Atouraya Bet Younadam is a Co-Founder and Executive Secretary at GISHRU where he is responsible for the Board of Director meeting minutes and managing Gishru’s internal/external communication. Mr. Bet Younadam is also a Director for the Assyrian American Cultural Organization of Arizona and currently serves as the Assyrian American National Federation Constitution/By-laws Chairperson. Mr. Bet Younadam also co-founded the Assyrian American National Coalition and served as a past director. He has written articles for numerous Assyrian publications including: Zinda Magazine, the Assyrian Star and Nineveh Magazine.

He received his Bachelors of business administration with a focus on Information Systems. He is currently the Director of Admissions at Everest College Phoenix, Online where he has worked since 2007.

Atouraya’s father, Sahda (Martyr) Nadan Younadam, had instilled in his son a passion for the Assyrian nation at an early age. Atouraya first visited the Assyrian Homeland to attend the funeral of his father in 2003; this bitter-sweet trip pushed Atouraya to go again in 2008 with a group of other young Assyrians to experience his homeland in all its glory. Mr. Bet Younadam joined Gishru as a co-founder in 2012 and attended the first inaugural trip in 2013. His hope is that Gishru truly builds the bridge between Assyrians in the Diaspora with Assyrians in the Homeland and becomes a catalyst for the eventual creation of an Assyrian Homeland