GISHRU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established in 2012, that organizes and conducts humanitarian and educational trips for Assyrians born in the Diaspora to the ancestral Assyrian homeland in Turkey and Iraq. The diverse and multifaceted itinerary includes guided day trips to archeological Assyrian ruins such as Nimrod and Khinnis as well as ancient monasteries dating to 300 BC, participation in relief efforts, activities in remote farms and villages, and interactive workshops with local Assyrian student and youth groups.

Our goal is to preserve the Assyrian identity via commitment to service, connections to the Homeland, and fostering leaders for tomorrow. This occurs at a perilous time for Assyrians who have and continue to experience genocide and mass exodus in their ancestral lands.

“GISHRU” means “bridge” in the Assyrian language. It is our duty to bridge the ideas, resources, and beliefs of Assyrians worldwide all in unity of one common goal of preserving the culture, tradition and history of one of the first civilizations of the world.

Our Mission

To strengthen the bond between Assyrians in the diaspora and in the homeland, gain awareness and deep understanding of the community and history of Assyria, renew the responsibility of the diaspora toward the homeland, and build the bridge between Assyrians globally to enrich and preserve the Assyrian identity for generations to come!​


Our Vision

For any Assyrian that is born in the Diaspora to be able to visit and experience their Homeland without financial or logistical hurdles.

Our hope is that one day, GISHRU will be able to provide fully subsidized trips to any Assyrian born in the Diaspora.


With your help, we can make this a reality. Let us start with our students.


Who We Are



GISHRU would only be a figment of one's imagination without the volunteer time and efforts by the Board of Directors.

Through GISHRU, we envision the rising generation in the Diaspora to not only be tangibly connected with the Assyrian ancestral homeland and become effective advocates of the Assyrian cause, but also one day reside there.




A big THANKS to our volunteers that make many of our programs possible! 

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Thanks to Our Partners




Thanks to our coalition's support and belief on the ground in Assyria, the vision of being the bridge between the diaspora and the homeland is nearing reality.


Meet the organizations spearheading this revolution.

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GISHRU - Bridge to Assyria

GISHRU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that organizes and conducts humanitarian and educational trips for Assyrians born in the Diaspora to the ancestral Assyrian homeland

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