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Q: How much Does the trip cost?

A: Trip costs $1200 USD, this cost includes accommodations, transportation and activities throughout the trip. Cost of air-fare to Erbil is not included.

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A: Age required for the trip is 18-40.

Q: How many people do you select for the trip?

A: Due to accommodations while touring, we are only able to have maximum of 32 people.

Q: Is this only a once a year trip?

A: Yes, this is currently a once a year trip.

Q: Are there any vaccine requirements?

A: No vaccine requirements, although vaccine and testing requirements are subject to change, we follow public health guidance and will keep applicants updated.

Q: How long is the trip?

A: Trip is 2 weeks long.

Q: How is the process like after an application is submitted?

A: Applications get reviewed by past participants and/or members of the Gishru team. Applicants are then contacted for further information or an interview.

Q: Is the deposit refundable?

A: Deposit is 100% refundable. 

Q: What are the accommodations like?

A: All participants will be staying in either Assyrian-owned or managed hotels. During travel to remote villages, we will be staying in Assyrian homes.

Q: Do we have our own free time?

A: Yes, the Gishru itinerary does include 'free time', although this is subject to certain limitations

Q: Are there Visa requirements from Iraq? 

Visas can be obtained upon arrival to Erbil, nothing is needed pre-trip.

Q: Do we have to read and write Assyrian in order to be able to apply/come?

A: Needing to know to read and/or write Assyrian are not required. Only requirement is being of Assyrian descent.

Q: What date is the trip happening?

A: March 29, 2024 to April 13, 2024.

Q: How do we get around?

A: All transportation during the trip will be planned for and provided by Gishru. We work with our partner organization to secure Assyrian-run transportation. This includes pickup and drop off at the airport.

Q: What makes an applicant desirable?

A: We are always looking for those impassioned and determined to change the course of Assyria and those with a track record of service to the community.

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GISHRU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that organizes and conducts humanitarian and educational trips for Assyrians born in the Diaspora to the ancestral Assyrian homeland

EIN: 46-2951652

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