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Since 2008, GISHRU – Bridge to Assyria has been organizing and leading annual educational and birthright trips to the Assyrian homeland.


Usually scheduled on the occasion of the ancient Assyrian-Babylonian New Year (also known as Akitu) in the spring, participants from all over the diaspora travel to the remnants of the ancient Assyrian empire to connect with their community, their antiquities, and their land.


Throughout the excursion, participants experience the rich history of their ancestors as they walk within the confines of ancient Assyrian city walls while witnessing the vibrant community and culture still manifested in the surrounding towns and villages.

The GISHRU trip offers daily activities and trips to ancient Assyrian historical sites, villages and towns, Assyrian schools where all subjects are taught entirely in Aramaic, and the best day of all, walking among tens of thousands of our people, chanting, singing and dancing joys of Akitu!

GISHRU works diligently with partner organizations in Assyria to bring an exciting itinerary each year. It usually includes attending Akitu festivities in Nohadra, visiting our villages in the Nineveh Plains region, Barwar, Zakho, the cities of Erbil and Nohadra, historical sites such as Khinis, Raban Hurmiz, Mar Mattai and much more.

Participants will also have the opportunity to experience the achievements of our Assyrian organizations with visits to local Assyrian schools and organizations, tours in the Assyrian-run Nineveh Plain Protection Unit headquarters, and to meet prominent leaders within the Assyrian community.


Check out the GISHRU | The Documentary to learn more!

GISHRU ܓܫܪܐ | The Documentary (2014) - English [FULL]

GISHRU ܓܫܪܐ | The Documentary (2014) - English [FULL]

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GISHRU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that organizes and conducts humanitarian and educational trips for Assyrians born in the Diaspora to the ancestral Assyrian homeland

EIN: 46-2951652

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