Meet Our Team

Joseph V. Danavi

Director of Internal Affairs

Joseph Danavi is the Director of Internal Affairs at GISHRU where he is responsible for steering the operations of the organization. He has been active in the Assyrian community since his undergraduate years when he co-founded and presided over the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Movement based in Chicago. During his term, he frequently collaborated with other organizations to bring forth sizeable events such as the Annual Assyrian National Convention, Kha b'Nissan (New Year) festivities, and Martyr's Day commemoration. He also lead efforts to promote unity and collaboration amongst the youth by establishing the Assyria Youth Council of America, later called the ChaldoAssyrian Student and Youth Council of America, a national network of locally-based North American student groups. He has also served as the lead youth editor for the Assyrian Star magazine, a guest contributor to Zinda Magazine, and appeared frequently in CAS Student News.

Dr. Danavi is currently an Internal Medicine resident physician at Loyola University Medical Center, located near Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Touro University College of Medicine in 2012 where he served as class president for two years and VP of academic affairs for the Student Government Association for one year. He has an interest in preventive medicine and cardiovascular diseases and intends on pursuing a cardiology fellowship.

Through GISHRU, Dr. Danavi envisions the rising generation in the Diaspora to not only be tangibly connected with the Assyrian ancestral homeland and become effective advocates of the Assyrian cause, but also one day reside there.